Independent Texas Recyclers

Along with our ongoing projects at Rice University and in the West Texas oil fields we are proud to announce that our team is now on site with Independent Texas Recyclers here at home in Houston. In partnering with them and upgrading their electrical service, we will enable them to continue their efforts to support sustainable living through landfill diversion opportunities for all businesses, customizable solutions for waste stream analysis, and municipal recycling consultations. Our role at the Irvington Blvd. location is to provide permanent power to the plant’s new equipment. This electrical feeder project will support the binder process area and make a significant impact on the implementation of additional services and continuing best practices for the plant. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Independent Texas Recyclers.

To learn more about how ITRecyclers is helping support Houston’s recycling efforts visit their website here. Lastly, check out the “Recycle This!” section to learn more about the staggering impacts that recycling practices can produce for our world.

This week our team is working on estimates for a multifamily apartment complex, a solar panel facility in West Texas, and an extensive commercial generator upgrade. Stay tuned to see what the Lutz Electric Team tackles next!