Blue Willow Bookshop

We are proud to join in and congratulate our favorite bookshop for becoming a finalist in the 2020 National Bookstore of the year award! Houstonia Magazine included an article “3 Reasons We Love Blue Willow Bookshop” in their April edition and we want to echo their appreciation. Please consider Blue Willow Bookshop the next time you need to purchase a book.

Over ten years ago the staff at Blue Willow Bookshop chose to call on our family-owned business to provide routine service and maintenance to their building. Many years later, we are still their first option to fix a dim light and troubleshoot any issues. It is truly the neighborhood shops like Blue Willow that make up the beloved small business community of Houston. We are happy to support them.

As with all of our clients, we strive to create long term partnerships. For local businesses that need small electrical service and repair projects as well as large companies beginning new projects throughout the state of Texas, we are eager to partner with you and will provide excellent service on any scale. If you would like to see more from our satisfied clients visit our project portfolio page and call Lutz Electrical Contracting to bring power to your next project!